- landscape and travel photography by Aaron Beddes
Links - Cristy's blog.  She even talks about me sometimes! - This is a friend photographer.  He's mainly interested in landscape and travel photography, like me.  So, we go on quite a few photography trips together. - Another friend photographer.  He's more for portraits and weddings, though. - I use it mainly for his lens reviews.  He has a very comprehensive list of current offerings both from the major and the 3rd party manufacturers. - This guy consolidates pretty much all rumors about new DSLR cameras. - The most popular photography site in the world.  I mostly visit the forums.  Every once in a while you might see one of my grumpy replies to a question or comment.  Some good (and lots of really crappy) pictures in the "gallery->browse top photos" option.  You can use the drop down menus to get rid of any nudes "Photo Category -> All (No Nudes)". - One of my favorite photographers. - Another one of my favorite photographers. - No comment necessary. - Nothing to do with photography, really.  Just my favorite news site.  Plenty of articles about BYU football and basketball.