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Not a Blog!

This is not a blog.

I know, everybody else has a blog. It's the thing nowadays. But, this is not a blog. It's much worse than a blog. And that's saying something. This is just a place where I can talk for hours on end about anything I feel like. It's not for the faint of heart, but I never asked you to read it!

You probably realize that by reading here, you're going to learn a few things about me. Sorry about that. But, you might also be surprised to know that I know a few things about you, too. Just by virtue of the fact that you are reading this, I can guarantee that at least one of the following is true:

1. You know me and you are afraid that the next time you see me, I'm going to ask what you thought of my web site.

2. You are an insomniac looking for a non-chemical sleep aide.

3. You have an unhealthy obsession with me.

4. This is your first time on the web, and you don't know how you got here and you can't figure out how to leave.

Don't worry about reason #1. I promise I will never ask you if you read anything on this site. I might ask if you saw the pictures, but that's it. So, if that's why you're here, you can just mosey on over to the gallery.

I can't help you with #2.

Okay, I admit that #3 is never going to happen to anybody. Still, this is my blog and I can fantasize can't I? Oh, wait, this is not a blog.

If #4 applies to you, I think I can help. Click HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE.

I can't believe you're still reading this.

I guess if you're serious, I can give you an introduction to what I'll be talking about on this blog. It's going to be mainly about my photography - about outings I've made and the photos from them, about the unholy things I do with my photos in Photoshop, about my opinion on photographic topics, and maybe about some photography hardware, too. I also reserve the right to talk about other non-photography things, too, though. You might see an occasional comment about BYU football.

Okay, it's a blog. But not a very good one.

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