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Welcome to mendonphoto!
I'm Aaron Beddes, and this is my site.  I made it for my hobby - photography.  As such, obviously, I have posted and will continue to post galleries of my favorite pictures.  I also have a section (it's NOT A BLOG!) where I can ramble on about my photography and about photographic subjects in general.  There is a little "about" section where you can read more about me, my photography, and this site.  And, finally, if you want to contact me, you can get my email address from the "contact" page.

The newest content is:

Back in the saddle again!  A new (small) gallery from our vacation in July.

I added a new article called Photoshop Cheatery on June 28th.

June 21st: I added one last picture to the Flanders Gallery (the windmill) - probably my last picture from Flanders for a long time...sniff, sniff.

Another article called It's Not the Camera was added June 17th.

On June 7th, I Added the Cliff's Notes II (favorites)  gallery - containing mostly pictures from Italy.  But, I also moved a couple of pictures from the original Cliff's Notes gallery to the new one.  I also finally got around to adding Cristy's blog to the Links page.

New article called Making Photos - San Giorgio was added May 16th. 

I added a few pictures from Switzerland in the Casserole Gallery on May 16th.

Pictures from Tuscany were added in a new gallery on May 15th. 

A new Gallery from Venice, Italy was added May 12th. 

Another article in the Making Photos series - called Making Photos - Battery Point - was added on April 6th. 

A new Burgundy, France Gallery was added April 3rd.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you like what you find.